Traveling to the USA : how to apply to the green card lottery?

Have you wanted to live the American dream, but you have no idea how to go about it? You may have even heard about the green card lottery, but you don’t know how to apply. This article will guide you on how to apply successfully.

Countries Eligible for Green Card Lottery

It is important to note that your nationality does not disqualify you from the lottery. However, each year, the USA government excludes certain countries that have received high numbers of immigration within the year. The countries on this list differ each year, and it is, therefore, essential to take time and check them before embarking on the application the process.

How Do I qualify?

  • Education

You must have at least a US high school diploma or an equivalent. In some countries you must have a college degree for you to qualify. This helps keep of all the uneducated people.

  • Work experience

Only certain job types can qualify you for the program, and it is, therefore, wise to research to ensure that your career is acceptable. Some of the people accepted include professors, researchers, scientists, managers, Nobel Prize winners, and other people who would add value to the USA economy.

  • Age

Ideally, the lottery does not discriminate applicants of any age. It is open for the young, middle-aged and the old people as long as you meet the above criteria. However, since you have to have a high school diploma, it translates that applicants below the age of 18 do not qualify.

  • Already in US

The people already living in the USA but are on their work or student visas can also participate in the program. This helps then acquire permanent citizenship.

  • Couples

Each spouse is allowed to apply separately then include the other spouse on their application. If by chance one of them wins, the other spouse qualifies for a derivative status.

Applicants should note that one does not have to speak or write English fluently to qualify for the visa. You only need to pass the security background check, be in a position to work and earn a living while in the US and be of sound mind.

What Photograph is needed?

The USA green card requires that you upload a specific photograph during application. It is advisable to go for a professional photographer who has previously taken such photos before. The reason being, the requirements often specify the pixel, size, as well as how the camera should be faced. Otherwise, your photo will be rejected by the system or you will be disqualified due to a poor photograph.

Green card application

Where Do I Apply for the Green Card?

You can apply for the green card from the official diversity visa program website. Alternatively, you could apply via agents who offer green card inscription assistance at a fee. The official website is easy to use, and all instructions are outlined.

When Do I Apply?

Usually, the program is opened every year at a specific time. Interested parties should, therefore, be on the lookout for when the lottery is announced. Applications for the year 2020 were opened on the 18th of October and will end on the 6th of November.

Can I Be Disqualified From The Lottery?

An applicant can be disqualified from the program even after application if it is discovered that the person gave false information. It is therefore recommended that applicants ensure that they maintain honesty throughout the process of application.


The lottery is open to all nationalities as long as one has a high school diploma or its equivalent. There are also some job types that can win you a permanent residence visa in the USA. The application is done online from the official website for the diversity program. During the application process, one is only required to upload a photograph that meets the specifications of the program otherwise it will be rejected. Most importantly, one should fill in correct information to avoid getting disqualified.

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