Travel tips : learn to be a good golfer to enjoy golfing during your holidays

Published on : 14 April 20213 min reading time

Golfing can be fun, especially during the holidays. However, to enjoy the experience, it is wise for the travelers to learn how to be good golfers first. The game involves players hitting a ball with clubs into specific holes on the course. The course has 18 holes, but there also exists courses with nine holes or fewer. Franck Peltier, a popular golfer, terms it as a game of the elite because it attracts all types of professionals.

Requirements to be a Good Golfer

A good golfer is armed with the correct sports attire and comfortable sports shoes. Golfers are also supposed to have a golf bag, tees that can either be plastic or wooden, clubs, putter and the balls. Other items are the t-shirts and pants or shorts, a cap or a vest can also be worn. Those who may wish to have a cadet or bag carrier can also enlist the services of one.

Tips for a Good Match Play

A good match involves a one on one game between players. Most players such as Tiger Woods insist that a good match play depends on the attitude of the players. In most cases, aggressive players will win a match. It is crucial that players contain their feelings to avoid getting carried away. The acts of resilience and not giving up are also necessary to make good players. However, most players admit that it is not fun to play a golf challenge on tour because it just involves two individuals and that leads to a lot of emotions. During holidays, players are more likely to engage in a match that is usually friendly. The matches can be played by both amateurs and professional players.

Off Course Golfing

During holidays, there is no need of looking for a course so that you can play. Currently, it is possible to play off course because the balls have been adjusted such that they can’t break people’s cars and houses. Street golf is one form of off-course golfing that involves players on the streets that want to participate in playing friendly matches. Street golfing is the most advanced form of urban golfing and can be played from any holiday destination. One is only required to have a club and the balls. It is very cheap to play street golf and it attracts people from all walks of life. While on holiday, one can also play pasture golf which involves playing in fields and clearing some pastures to create a provisional course.


This is a game played either on course or off course. The game requires tactic and the right tools such as a club and a ball to play. It can also be enjoyed by individuals even when they are on holidays which make it even more interesting. Some people play it professionally but for most people, it is just for fun.

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