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family bastide

What is a family bastide in the countryside?

A bastide is a type of fortified town or village built in the countryside during the Middle Ages. The bastide was a common form of settlement in southwestern France, particularly in the area known as the Midi. Many bastides were…

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Traveling to the USA : how to apply to the green card lottery?

Have you wanted to live the American dream, but you have no idea how to go about it? You may have even heard about the green card lottery, but you don’t know how to apply. This article will guide you…

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Travel insurance tips and advices to choose the right policy

— — — – – – – – – – – –  —  – – – – –  – – – – – – – –  – – – – – –  For a simple journey abroad or for a…

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Travel tips : learn to be a good golfer to enjoy golfing during your holidays

Golfing can be fun, especially during the holidays. However, to enjoy the experience, it is wise for the travelers to learn how to be good golfers first. The game involves players hitting a ball with clubs into specific holes on…

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Tailor made travelling: enjoy your custom holiday

A custom travel agency can combine your great ideas with their destination expertise plus extensive flight knowledge of creating your trip of a lifetime. They are mindful of your style and budget and can find amazing accommodation, flights, private or…

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Travel requirements : the importance of a sworn driving license translation

Are you planning to move or travel to another country? It is important to know the driving rules of that country before you leave to avoid encountering problems with the law. When you want to drive in a foreign country…

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products to use for eyelash extensions

What are the best products to use for eyelash extensions?

Anyone who has an eyelash extension understands that these products require maximum maintenance for them to retain their appealing look. That is why most of them go for eyelash extensions class at places like The beauty of eyelash extension…

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a luggage store

Drop your bag in a luggage store and enjoy your day

Most travellers find it hard to get good luggage storage space. Most of the companies that offer these services seem to need a lot of improvement done. However, Nannybags has an improved system to ensure that you get premium services…

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dating site

The virtues of online dating

Online dating continues to permeate into society, and many people are embracing it. If you want to ensure your online dating experience is positive, you need to understand the virtues that should guide your online dating. They define your interactions…

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