Exotic travel destinations : know more about the Comoros Islands

Surrounded by the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean, the islands are made up of four distinctive islands located off the east of Africa, just north-west of Madagascar. The name Comoros comes from the Arabic word “Qamar” meaning moon, which hints at the beautiful night’s sky that looms above translucent waters.

A Closer Look at What the Islands Have to Offer

Beautiful sandy beaches, warm tropical temperatures, and exotic animals and sea creatures such as the beaked dolphin are just a few of the things that you can look forward to while visiting the islands. Accommodations are typically bungalows which are affordable and there are lots of different activities that will captivate your adventurous side. Enjoy scuba diving, or visit exclusive landmarks and historical buildings like museums. Take a hike up Mount Karthala on the Grande Comore Island and savor breathtaking views of the volcano. Nonetheless, it remains a hidden gem to the rest of the world averaging approximately 3,000 tourists a year. The lack of tourism is a result of poor infrastructure on the islands. Nonetheless, development plans lead by Bashar Kiwan are now in place to transform the islands into a tourist paradise.

Change Promises Prosperity and Tourism for the Islands

The founder of Al Waseet International, Bashar Kiwan has taken the leadership role in the development of the islands, promising prosperity for the people of the islands and more tourism through investments in the tourism, banking, and telecommunication sectors, as well as first-rate infrastructure. His initiatives to transform the islands into the next exotic prime destination for tourists is widely appreciated by the government and Islanders. Development has been made possible through his smart business sense and connection to powerful and wealthy investors and influencers. Inspired by the vice-president of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum ambition to develop Dubai into what is now a prestigious and financially thriving city in the U.A.E, Bashar Kiwan’s vision for the transformation of the islands emulates Dubai; in fact, he often compares the final outcome to the Arab city in the Middle East. Committed to supporting and assisting the Comorian people by providing better roads, safer and securer buildings, adequate transportation on the islands, as well as to and from different islands for travelers, gives hope for the younger population of a brighter future. Mr. Kiwan continues to grow among the Islanders in popularity along with worldwide recognition for his efforts in stimulating a dwindling economy. His dream of a better future for the Comorian people has now become reality and an inspiration to all.

Islands of the Comoros Union

The capital city Moroni is situated on the Grande Comore island, which is 200 kilometers from Mayotte on the north-west channel of Madagascar, here you will find more Arab and African traditions. Moheli and Anjouan are the other two islands that are heavily influenced by Malay and Malagasy culture. Mayotte is another island that is apart of the union, nonetheless, it is under the French referendum.

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