Travel requirements : the importance of a sworn driving license translation

Are you planning to move or travel to another country? It is important to know the driving rules of that country before you leave to avoid encountering problems with the law. When you want to drive in a foreign country and your personal documents are written in another language not spoken in that country, you will be required to have a certified driver's license translation. If you are looking for driving license sworn translations click here.

What Is a Sworn Driving License Translation?

Sworn translation has become very important nowadays because of various reasons including international trade, formation of political-economic blocks, tourism and migration. In general, a sworn translation is considered as an officially certified translation of a legal document or any other kind of document that requires legal acceptance, such as a driving license. In France, Spain, the Netherlands and some other nations, a driving license translation is considered officially certified if it has been translated, signed and sealed by a "sworn translator". This is not the case for the United Kingdom, United States, and other countries. Here, a translation is considered certified if the translator has signed it in the presence of a notary or a solicitor, but the translator assumes all the responsibility for the accuracy. If the document has not been properly translated, the translator can be charged with perjury, negligence or contempt of court. It is also possible for the translator or translation agency to certify the sworn translation by stating their skills and expertise.

Why Do You Need a Driving License Translation?

Having a driving license sworn translation might be helpful in renting a vehicle or identifying yourself in a foreign country. Whether you are relocating to another country or just travelling for recreational or business purposes, you need to know the local driving laws of the country you are visiting. You need to make sure that all your documents are updated and acceptable to local authorities. The requirements vary from country to country. If you do not have the proper documentation in the event of an auto accident or traffic stop, your car can be impounded, and you might face hefty fines or get arrested. Given that you plan on living in a foreign nation for a long period, you might even have to acquire a driver's license in that nation. When this occurs, you will need to be in a position to prove your identity and that you are qualified to have a license. In almost all situations, you will be required to present a driving license sworn translation and other official documents.

What Are the Downsides in License Translation?

The contents of a driving license vary from one nation to another; some nations use proper books while others use cards. Many nations also have levels of driving expertise that are not globally recognized. Due to those reasons, translation of a driving license can be somewhat problematic. Currently, there are no fixed regulations regarding the topic of driving license sworn translations, because the requirements depend on the nation in which it will be used, and so regulations will change based on the jurisdiction. However, there exists different procedure required to validate a translation depending on the nation where the translation was done and the nation to which the final document will be taken to.

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