UK tip travel : how to hire a car from locals during your holiday ?

In the recent years, the traditional car hire model has been challenged by the introduction of private car hire companies. Research conducted by Frost & Sullivan Company in London project that the number of people hiring cars from local owners is likely to increase threefold, i.e., from six million in 2017 to 18 million in 2025. And, with more car owners signing up their vehicles for private car rental services, the number is likely to grow multi-fold. Drivy UK is an example of this car hire model. It was formed in 2010 and has evolved over the years now with satellite offices in France, Spain and London. What's more, travellers get to hire their choice vehicle in just three minutes. They only need to visit the site's page-, choose the vehicle and hire it out. This model is known as peer to peer car rental in the UK and has become pretty popular among travellers visiting the country as it is available and accessible. Travellers need to visit the private car rental company and hire out the desired vehicle without dealing with lengthy protocols or cunning brokers. Here are useful tips for travellers planning to use to hire a car from locals during the holiday.

Check the Insurance Policy

The government of the UK recently introduced new insurance requirements for car owners operating peer to peer car rental in the UK. For example, the requirement for private cars to be insured to carry travellers for hire or reward for the duration of the license is no longer effective. New vehicle owners are only required to be covered by the reward or hire insurance when applying for a licence. Existing private owners, on the other hand, should have the license when the vehicle is in use. You should verify the state of insurance of the car before you rent the car from the owner.

Review the State's Driving Laws

Driving activities that are legal in one country may be prohibited in another. For example, using a cell phone while driving is illegal in most jurisdictions. You want to review the driving rules that apply to the state or country you are visiting to avoid legal charges. A traveller should also have a valid driving license to drive on UK roads. European countries have mutual recognition of driving recognition of valid driving licenses presented by travellers. For example, Drivy UK permits travellers to drive vehicles to specific countries and regions.

Pick a Private Car Hire Vehicle that You Can Drive

A lot of excitement comes with travelling abroad and hiring a private car rental in the UK. Travellers are tempted to hire big vehicles as p2p car rental websites offer the freedom to choose the desired cars. Usually, small cars like compact sedans have a lower rate compared to a four-wheel drive. Travellers should choose vehicles they are confident to drive and avoid over-spending on pricey rentals as they have an entire holiday to spend. They should also be conversant with the navigation systems and other car features fitted in the vehicle before peer to peer car rental in the UK.

Consider the Climate

If you are travelling to a destination known for heavy rainfall or early nightfall, choose a vehicle that has a bright colour. Cars with bright, light colours like gold or white are easier to identify in the dark or during heavy rainfall.

Check the Company's Payment Method

P2P car rental services should allow various modes of payment: Visa, Mastercard and Visa Electron, among others. Travellers should ensure the car rental service supports the method of payment he intends to use.

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