Which country has recently abolished the death penalty?

death penalty

Humans are born free with equal rights and dignity. Individuals have freedom of expression without the fear of distinction of race, gender, religion, language, and political affiliation. No one is 100 % righteous; therefore, everyone deserves a second chance to redeem themselves. It is not right to rush to the conclusion of matters before hearing out the offenders.

Iran is one of the states that lead is on the leader's board in death punishments. The death penalty in Iran is a daily routine and legal despite all the opposition from the international states. The majority of individuals who have faced this penalty are the one who commits drug-related cases. Human activists have been calling for the abolition of the death penalty in Iran. More on maryam-rajavi.com.

Offenses like rape, murder, homosexuality, and child molestation are punished by death sentence despite drug-related crimes. Death penalties not only end up the life of an individual but also bring about division in the country. A good example is a recent case from Nigeria, Africa, where Maryam Sanda was sentenced to death.

She was accused of killing her husband; her case has brought out debates causing division. No matter the crime, the death sentence doesn't seem to be the solution. Below are some of the countries that have lately abolished the death penalty.

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea joins the list of the latest states that have abolished the death sentence punishment. The death penalty has been legally practiced in this state for 30 years. The country's prime minister announced the end of an era. He described the death penalty as not a suitable prevention measure to counter serious offenses.

After the announcement, crimes like murder, rape, piracy, sorcery, and treason are punished by a lifetime in jail. The death sentence hasn't been active in Papua New Guinea; the last time execution took place was in November 1954. In the year 1970, the state banned the death sentence but brought it back in 1991.

The news on abolishing the death sentence was warmly received, especially by the catholic church. The Catholic church has been at the forefront in fighting against the law. The church believed the nation was based on a Christian foundation; they needed to abide by God's commandments. Killing is one thing; it's highly condemned in all religious backgrounds.

Christians always believe that God's responsibility is to give and take life, not a human being. They wanted those caught on the wrong side of the law to be punished differently, for example, a lifetime jail sentence.
The catholic church viewed the death penalty as something morally wrong and un-Godly; that is why they kept opposing the act.


Mr. Ralph Northam is the current governor of Virginia state in the USA; on 24th March, he took a broad step to sign a law that abolished death sentences. By signing the bill, Virginia turns out to be the first southern state in the USA to abolish death punishment.

The abolition comes after votes taken against the act on 5th February 2021. The number of execution carried out in Virginia makes it the second-highest state in the US, the leading one in Texas. The death penalty was re-introduced in the country in 1976, as at now there are still 27 other states practicing it in the US.


Any terrorism-related activity is punishable by a death sentence in Chad. Death sentence has been the capital sentence in this country long enough. Many viewed the punishment as inhuman; the citizens didn't like it. In May 2020, Chad took a step and joined the rest of the states that abolished the death sentence.

The death sentence was for criminal offenses and other petty crimes in the final days of April 2020. A total of 155 national assembly members decided to amend the anti-terrorism law by getting rid of the capital punishment imposed by the government. The amendment was successful, which led to the invalidation of the death penalty for other minor offenses apart from terrorism-related crimes.

The fight against the anti-terrorism law didn't just happen overnight; a lot had to be done. An example of an individual involved is Salomon Nodjitoloum, a member of the NGO of "Christian Action for the abolition of Torture-ACT." Salmon has been known for his fearless counter on human rights activities; he is a professional lawyer.


Kazakhstan is also another latest state to join the nations that banned death punishment in their regions. Kazakhstan has been practicing the sentence for almost 20 years; in January 2021, the state abolished the act.

The announcement was made on the presidential website that stated that the president had signed the bill. At around the year 2003, the death penalty was abolished, the courts never took it seriously and resumed punishing the offenders with death sentences.

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