10 Reasons Why Greece Is Perfect For Digital Nomads

Drink a beer for Digital Nomads

10 Reasons Why Greece Is Perfect For Digital Nomads

Greece is one of the most prominent countries of Europe. Its weak economy notwithstanding, the country has been transforming slowly into a major destination for digital nomads, remote workers and entrepreneurs. The increasing number of websites, blogs and Facebook groups on the subject just goes on to show that Greece is already a major hotspot for digital nomads from across the world. Here are 10 reasons why this is a perfect country for cyber home nomads to come, live and work in. If you want to have a deeper insight into life in Greece as a digital nomad, you can take a look at this article.

1 - It is a beautiful country

The country boasts of a perfect climate, robust culture and a rich history. It stands as a perfect option for remote workers who opt for a location independent lifestyle, and are looking for a perfect combination of sun, sea and sand. The country, other than its expansive beaches, also has small tranquil villages, stunning islands, great home cities and amazing coastline to offer to digital nomads who want to work outdoors in a picturesque location. There are picturesque areas such as the Greek Zakynthos and Mykonos, the stunning party destination Rhodes, the Santorini streets that look over the southern area of Aegean Sea, and you will love to explore them all.

2 - It is living a boom in startup scene

The last few years have witnessed a Greek mushrooming of home startups, driven by incubators and creativity. Also, more and more people are giving up their day jobs to find work that suits their own pace of life and which allows them to live the life that they dream - whether it comes to traveling or opening up a new business or travel. Thus, there are amazing opportunities for networking today. You can find Facebook groups such as Digital Nomads Athens or Work Remote in Greece as well as various meet-ups where remote workers and digital nomads can have communication with people who believe in the same kind of working lifestyle as them. The start-up scene is getting more and more traction in Greece, which makes it so much better home place for digital nomads.

3 - It is well-connected

The country is truly living a melting pot of foods, culture, heritage, travel as it rests at the edge of Asia and Europe. Thus, it forms the perfect base from which one can travel to over 30 places across these continents, facilitated by widespread coverage and affordable airlines companies. Greece boasts of stunning islands as well as plenty of magnificent architectures and destinations that serve as a great setting for many generations of digital nomads who wish to look up from their PCs to absolutely beautiful sceneries all around home.

4 - Life is quite safe here

Living a few neighborhoods apart, life is more or less safer place in Greece city when compared to many other countries in Europe. Although you can come across a pickpocket or scamster while traveling on the road or public transport facilities, Greece is quite safe for entrepreneurs, digital nomads and travelers. When you happen to be in a new city, safety is among the most prime concerns in Greek city. This is particularly true of digital nomads, who spend most of the time with costly gadgets, place laptops, mobile phones, cameras etc. You cannot ignore the safety aspect. Where safety is concerned, this is a safer country - especially for entrepreneurs, travelers or solo women digital nomads. The locals here are really caring and friendly in general.

5 - Nightlife is vibrant here

As a digital nomad, you would probably living to party hard after working or travel hard all day. Whether it comes to Mykonos, Rethymnon, Patras, Rhodes, Corfu or Thessaloniki, there are many places in Greece where you can enjoy an amazing nightlife. The people here know how to celebrate life and party, and you can surely have a fantastic time without spending a lot of money. Mykonos is a wonderful island in Greece that ranks as one of the biggest cities in Greece, boasting of a fantastic nightlife. It is perfect for remote workers who want to have a good time after having a hectic time throughout the day. Mykonos is one of the best party destinations in the world, and you can enjoy here at an affordable cost.

6 - Internet connectivity is good here

The speed of internet connectivity is obviously one of the most important priorities for a digital nomad. Connectivity is more or less good in most city of Greece, and the speed ranges between 9 and 13 Mbps. While this might not be as fast as in many other European cities, you can find it good enough. In Greece, you might not find place co-working spaces as often as in other countries of the West. However, as this country has a relaxed ambiance and you can sit at a café and drink a cup of coffee for 3 hours, you are unlikely to experience any difficulty in finding a good café that you can work from. Whether you are in a quiet island or in the middle of Athens, you can find cafes galore to work from. Most of the cafes here offer free WIFI or some form of internet connectivity. As a late-night culture is the norm here, you can find a café open even after 7 PM to respond to a Skype call in the ‘morning’ from a Boston-based client. The country has a network of efficient internet providers, and you may choose from any of them for your needs while you are in Greece. It is possible to get high-speed fiber internet place and experience fast download speeds. You can also buy a SIM card here, which can easily be purchased from any mobile phone shop in the country. As the salesperson to give you a breakdown of all best data packages that you can get with the SIM that you buy. That alone can be enough to take care of your internet service requirements while you are in Greece.

7 - You can live more affordably

It is possible to live at more reasonable costs than in many other parts of the European Union. However, Athens is usually regarded as costlier than many other areas. However, public transport, groceries, utilities and rent are really more low-cost when compared to many other capital cities in Europe. This obviously makes Greek city more advantageous to live or travel in. In Greece, you can always find a bar or café that remains space open until late hours – made possible due to its vibrant ‘night owl’ culture. There are plenty of bakery cafes in islands like Mykonos where you can have bread and coffee while working. There are bar cafes nearby where you can work at mid-day. It is easy to sip on a beer as you work, and finish it off in the end with a cocktail. The bars are present throughout Greece, and the coffee served here are great in taste as well. Looking for a legit spot? It can cost you around 5 Euros daily.

8 - Mouthwatering Cuisine

While in Greece, you can have amazing foods that have a deeply Mediterranean origin. The cuisines here are delicious as well as healthy. The dishes are mainly based around vegetables, fruits, fishes, whole grains and a small quantity of yoghurt and cheese. There are non-animal sources of protein like legume and Greek beans such as lentils and fava, which work as an amazing staple, and are typically used in salads, stews and soups. You may have foods anywhere you want. Lots of fine dining restaurants in Greece are found to serve savory meals at cheap costs, without any compromise on the quality front.

9 - Nice time zone

It is a great place for digital nomads to work in, especially for those want to sleep until late. This nation is 7 hours ago of the Eastern Standard Time (EST), which means that if your client is based in North America you may begin work at teatime. If your clients are based in China, Japan or travel to any other Asian country, you can complete all your work by the afternoon if you can wake up slightly early. In case you have a fun business php partner really anywhere in Europe, you are likely to be around just 1 – 2 hours ago of his / her working time, which can put you in an advantageous situation.

10 - Easy to meet other digital nomads

The last few years have seen a rise in the number of digital nomads, start-ups and entrepreneurs in Greece. More and more are opening up their own businesses, such as fast food joint, bar, café etc to satisfy their own ambitions. There are fresh opportunities growing all over the country, which has opened really space many new avenues for networking. The country, with its many attractive spots, fun islands and wonders, make for a perfect scenic setting for digital nomads who always dream of getting out of their cloistered cubicle existences. When you come here, you can find many entrepreneurs and cyber nomads who came to have a holiday or a temporary stay but fell in love with Greece and stayed back. Some php Facebook groups and fun meetups have also come up that connect remote workers and other digital nomads for mutual benefit.
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