What is the best way to travel between islands in Greece?


Published on : 12 September 20214 min reading time

The Greek islands are a dream destination for many people. There is nothing more satisfying and relaxing than spending some time island hopping, enjoying the beaches of the different islands in Greece. The best Greek islands have some of the best landscapes, with some of the best and beautiful beaches in the world where one might feel like they are experiencing paradise. The hotels are great, plus there are many activities and places to visit if you are looking forward to doing some island hopping in Greece.

Since there are thousands of islands in Greece, they have been broken down into groups or clusters to be properly understood. Islands in the same group have similar characteristics, cuisines, climate and even culture. This breakdown makes it easy for one to narrow down the travel options; thus, you have time to experience the beautiful islands rather than take most of your time travelling to islands far away from each other. There are very many travel options available if you want to do some island hopping in Greece. One can choose between travelling by sea or air, depending on your preference and what you are most comfortable with. Let’s start with the best way available.

Using the Ferry to Move to The Islands and Around Them

This is considered the best way because it is affordable and you get to enjoy the sea journey and view the beautiful landscapes and beaches. Also, when island hopping between the best Greek islands, this might be the only available way of travel linking different islands since there are no direct flights connecting them. Instead, one can start the tour from Athens, the capital of Greece, which has several ports that lead to almost all the routes to the most famous islands in Greece.

For those who prefer to use their own rental cars, fast ferries to the islands have room for cargo and vehicles. In addition, the booking process is straightforward, making it the best way to travel between the islands.

Using a Hydrofoil or a Catamaran

This is another good way of travelling between the islands in Greece. With a hydrofoil, you get to jump into the adventure first hand and much quicker. If you usually suffer from seasickness, it’s not advisable since the rides can be a little bit bumpy. They might be more expensive compared to ferry rides, but if you want to experience the fun of visiting the best Greek island, then it’s something you should consider.

Through Cruises

There are many cruises available for those who want to hop between the many islands in Greece. With a cruise tour, you get to enjoy various activities and, at the same time, move comfortably. Enjoy the entertainment provided by cruise tours and some of the best accommodations one can get in a moving ship. Cruise tours might be expensive, but if you are looking to enjoy a more scenic adventure with utmost relaxation, then this is something you should consider.

You can also apply for a license to charter a yacht in Greece for island hopping. All you need to do to meet the requirements for a license to charter a yacht, which are:

  • Have a well-trained and authorized skipper on the yacht. The skipper must have the ability to handle the yacht excellently, mooring and anchoring the yacht in various weather conditions
  • Have on board an experienced crew member

From the above, we can conclude that travelling through water is the best way to hop between islands in Greece. Most of the means of travel are affordable to most and very easy to get. However, you can opt for air travel and enjoy the beautiful landscapes from above at an extra cost. Also, for travel between islands, there might not be flights that can do that directly, meaning you have to connect through the mainland, which can take a lot of your time.

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