Your Cairo Holiday : Must See Sites

Cairo holiday sites offer one of the most exotic vacations you could wish for. Step back in time to experience one of the most advanced ancient civilizations on earth and visit some of the world’s most startling geography. Cairo throbs with energy and every corner of the sprawling city gives you a peek into a fascinating culture.

Right next to the Pyramids is the Sphinx and if you are traveling to Egypt then these should not be missed. There is also the Egyptian Museum which has some of the greatest collections of Egyptian artifacts in the world.

Cairo holiday tourist sites that must not be missed include Khan Ali-Kalili, which is Cairo’s largest open air souk or market. All the flair and vibrancy that you associate with Cairo can be found here along with unique souvenirs. Located in the center of Islamic Cairo this area has changed little since the middle ages this is the place for perfumes, spices, and ornate jewelry.

A great district in the city of Cairo to explore is the Heliopolis. This neighborhood is close to the airport and Nasr City and there is a lot of Egyptian culture to experience. Baghdad Street is a popular draw and you can just spend the day exploring the different streets, looking into the many shops and eat authentic food.

A cruise of the Nile is something that every tourist to Cairo should make time for. For thousands of years the mighty river has been the lifegiving force that has nourished the surrounding plains and it gave rise to a powerful and advanced civilization. Commerce has always relied on the Nile and you can see Cairo from a completely different perspective while cruising down the world’s longest river.

You should definitely not go home without trying some traditional Egyptian food at one of the many restaurants in the city center offering this. And don’t forget to take home some souvenirs, especially spices, that will always help you to remember the perfect Cairo holiday.

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