Not Just For Diamonds Anymore : the Newest Eternity Ring

the Newest Eternity Ring

Not every bride-to-be has been dreaming of walking down the aisle in a fluffy white dress since she was a little girl. If this rings a bell, then you’re suffering from anti-bridal symptoms. Here’s how to deal.

If the thought of going into a big name bridal shop and trying on traditional gowns makes you break out in hives, than you should avoid them at all costs. Channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City (who did in fact break out when trying on a gown during the TV series) and pick out a simple off-the-rack outfit you will feel comfortable and attractive wearing. It doesn’t have to be white. It doesn’t have to be formal and it doesn’t have to be designer. It’s your anti-wedding, so pick out a style that suits you.

Ask a friend to photograph the wedding. Use your iPod if you can’t find a DJ on short notice. Create your own invitations and then, just show up to say ‘I do’. Since you’re not too concerned about the frills, you won’t have to spend forever needlessly stressing over the plans. As long as you say your “I Do’s,” there’s not much else to worry about.

Change the Dress Code: Break Away From the DJ: Not everyone loves to dance, so don’t feel obliged to have a DJ or band. Provide entertainment that you will enjoy, even if it’s not the norm. If you have a theme, you can match the entertainment to the theme. Examples include belly dancing, break dancing, a jazz sax player, old movie film clips and music, trivia games, casino games, video games, singers, magicians, or any type of competition. Laser tag, anyone?

Pick one or more non-traditional wedding ideas and work them into different aspects of your wedding. You will end up with a truly unusual day that all your guests will remember. Most importantly, it will be uniquely yours.

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