Avoiding the High Cost of Hotels by Renting a Vacation House

When planning a family vacation or holiday getaway there are three major expense categories that must be figured into your budget. Among the largest of these are travel expenses, housing or hotel accommodations, and meals.

Finding ways to cut corners on these major expenses is one way that families and individuals can afford to have a great vacation even when holiday or travel budgets are sparse. Saving money through the rental of a vacation house is one of the most efficient ways to cut both your housing and your meal expenses in order to have a more affordable and enjoyable vacation.

Affordable Accommodations for Your Whole Vacation Party

If you are traveling as a family or with friends then renting a vacation house can be a cheaper and cozier way to spend your vacation. While you can receive price breaks from some hotels for renting multiple rooms at the same time, you can achieve comfortable and affordable accommodations for a large party best through renting a vacation house.

All members of your vacation party can have private rooms for minimal expense. You additionally have comfortable but less expensive bathroom accommodations. Though not every member of your party will have a dedicated bathroom with his or her private sleeping room, you will save yourself money by sharing these facilities.

You can also count on a vacation house having a fully functional kitchen and a relaxing living room, den or family room for group enjoyment during your vacation. The house may also provide you with a swimming pool, outdoor living space like a deck or porch, and other amenities.

The house you choose, including the range of amenities and the number of rooms and bathroom facilities, will depend entirely on your vacation budget. Many travelers find they are able to afford more posh accommodations in a vacation house than they are in a hotel, meaning you may be able to have a more luxurious vacation with a house rental.

Get the Comforts of Home and Save Money in the Process

There is also something more comforting about staying in a house. Hotels are good for their intended purpose but they just do not give you the same kind of atmosphere as a vacation house.

You travel as a family in order to build on your familial bond and give everyone the chance to relax and unwind together in a new and exciting setting. The family memories that come from staying in a vacation house simply cannot be matched by any hotel accommodations available.

Likewise, if you are traveling with friends, a vacation house provides a more comfortable and affordable way for you to spend some fun time together. Get to know each other in a way that hotels simply cannot match.

Saving on Meals and Other Expenditures

Many hotels charge for even the smallest of conveniences. Some may charge for extra towels, soaps, shampoos and other supplies. Most charge for food and beverages that are included in your room’s bar.

Almost all charge extra for room service meals. The charges for food and beverages may also be accompanied by a convenience charge that may be as high as 10% or 15% of the cost of your meal and refreshments.

By renting a vacation home you are able to do your own grocery shopping and cooking, which will save you a ton of money on food and drink expenditures during your travels. This of course does not mean that you have to eat in all the time while on vacation; it simply means you have more control over the cost of your own expenses.

Dining out during some of your vacation is fine and is more affordable, since you will be saving money on the rental itself and on other vacation expenses. Even if you only eat breakfast at home and dine out for lunch and dinner each day, you will still have a significant savings in your meals budget. That money can either make your entire trip less expensive or allow you and your family to splurge more on other fun filled vacation activities.

Dining together as a family at a cozy vacation house also lets you create some wonderful, lasting memories. Even if it is a simple meal like pizza or sandwiches, you can have some great family relaxation time and save money in the process.

Think of the money you can reallocate to other areas of your vacation budget simply by avoiding a few restaurant bills or expensive room service charges. Come home with some additional souvenirs for yourselves or for friends and family members at home. Or spend that money on tickets to one of the other tourist hotspots you may not otherwise be able to afford.

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